Rest in power, flower. 💞

Today marked my first time art directing a film. While setting props, my great-grandmother reminded me that It also marks the 1-year anniversary of her funeral.

Kinky Fridays: Hairizon Beauty

Opened in 2011 by mother-daughter pair Valerie Jackson and Joi Stepney in Five Points, Hairizon carries several natural hair product lines as well as local handmade jewelry and accessories.

Kinky Friday: Weaves and Contacts and Implants Pt. 1

I've finally succumbed to the lure of protective styling. Not because it makes any sense to wear your hair in a bun every day so it can grow long enough to wear bigger buns, but because the winter cold is drying and I want to give my hair a bit of rest. And I'm lazy…

The Things That Keep This Woman Single…

In the past couple weeks I've read 2 viral (and vital!) breakdowns of exactly what's wrong with [ostensibly, black] women to keep us single and to keep black men single by association. Because I turned down a date with a good black man to finish rollersetting my hair tonight (as a black woman, I'm hair…